Newfoundland Health Challenge

The Newfoundland Health Challenge--an aggressive fund-raising campaign aimed at raising tens of thousands of dollars in the coming years to fund Newfoundland-related health research--was created to fight for better health within the breed.

Challenge dollars may be matched by funds from other organizations such as the AKC’s Canine Health Foundation or the Morris Animal Foundation. Or the NCA may choose to team up with other parent breed clubs to fund a large study. The Challenge is not a quick fix. It is a long-term commitment. It may take many years and many different studies and research projects to make a better world for our Newfoundlands.

“The Challenge is about making every effort to give our beloved Newfoundlands long, healthy lives,” said Jan Boggio, founding co-chair.

Since its inception, the Health Challenge has funded studies on Bloat, Lymphoma, Cranial Cruciate Rupture, Osteosarcoma, Osteoarthritis and Cystinuria. After funding research that helped find a genetic marker for cystinuria in Newfoundland dogs, the Newfoundland Health Challenge also funded rebates for NCA members that allowed 925 dogs to be tested for the disease and allowed for the virtual elimination of cystinuria affected dogs.
The NCA Trust has developed a good working relationship with the Morris Animal Foundation (MAF) to sponsor research grants that may produce results that will directly benefit our beloved Newfoundlands. We are proud to partner with MAF and to that end we have approved $13,000 this past year for Canine research involving osteosarcoma and lymphoma. We are currently evaluating research grants from the AKC Canine Health Foundation and may begin funding these studies in the near future. All prospective studies are reviewed by the Research Advisory Committee, which recommends to the Charitable Trust Management Board those studies that best fit our funding priorities.

Huck was rescued by the NCA
The NCA collects DNA samples for Health Research